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English Bulldog puppies Interesting facts: The English Bulldog (or "Bulldog" for short) has its origins in the United Kingdom (obviously). Bulldogs were originally bred for bullbaiting, in which bulldogs were trained to attack and kill tied-up bulls for sport in the 1600s. Bullbaiting was banned in England in 1835, and their aggressive tendencies were bred out of them by the 1940s.

Size: Mid-sized

Coat: The Bulldog is a "tough-looking" breed with wrinkly cheeks, powerful front legs (smaller hind legs), and a very smooth coat.

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Temperament: Bulldogs are not ferocious animals as many believe. They get along well with children and other dog breeds. While very friendly, bulldogs are stubborn and protective.

Care: Ideally you should spend 30 to 60 minutes a day exercising your bulldog. Bulldogs are prone to overheating and should be kept indoors. Bulldogs are also susceptible to breathing problems because their flat face restricts air. They are not good swimmers and may drown if left unattended near a pool. Other common health problems include cherry eye and allergies. Older bulldogs may develop hip problems and cataracts. Because of their proportionately large heads, baby bulldogs are usually delivered by c-section.

Training: Bulldogs are naturally stubborn, so you must excercise patience and consistency during training.

Breeder/Kennel Name - Description Location
Break-It-Nail's Bulldogs  
Our House Of Treasures  
New York
Blossom Valley Bulldogs  
Dejah Bleu's English Bulldogs  
Brown's Bulldogs  
Puppychase Kennels   images
C & S Bullies   images
Bulldogs of Timber Ridge   images
Blue Ridge Bulldogs  
South Carolina
Bottomland Kennels  
Pax Romana Kennels  
Riverbend Bulldogs   images
Tu-Chins Bulldogs of NW Florida   images
Vision Bulldogs  
Diamond S Puppies  
Devil Dawg Kennels  

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