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Golden Retriever puppies Interesting facts: The Golden Retriever (affectionately known as the Golden or Goldie) is a fairly modern and very popular breed. It was developed to retrieve wild fowl when hunting. Today it is one of the most common family dogs due to its very tolerant nature and low maintenance requirements (besides regular exercise). The breed was originally developed in Scotland.

Size: Height: males 22-24 inches, females 20-22 inches. Weight: males 60-80 pounds, females 55-70 pounds. This is a medium-large breed.

Coat: The AKC standard states that the coat is a "rich, lustrous golden of various shades", disallowing coats that are overly light or dark.

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Temperament: Goldies are active and fun-loving but also exceptionally patient. Other characteristics include a love for cool water, retrieving, and pleasing their owners. They are very tolerant of children, making them excellent family pets.

Care: The smooth, medium-haired coat is fairly easy to groom. Use a firm bristle brush to comb and brush, paying close attention to the breed's dense undercoat. Don't overbathe, but dry shampoo often. Exercise daily. Life expectancy for the Golden Retriever is about 10-12 years.

Training: The Golden Retriever does well in obedience trials and makes an excellent guide dog. While Labrador Retrievers might do better in a field trial, Goldens are excellent hunters and famous for their outstanding scenting abilities.

Breeder/Kennel Name - Description Location
Shady Acres Goldens  
LakeLand GetaGolden  
Highland Valley Kennels  
Desert Rose Goldens  
Evening Star Kennels  
Candyheart Retrievers  
Foxburrow Retrievers  
Leahs Goldens  
Shannon Kennels  
Gracie's Goldens  
New York
Chaparral Goldens  
Cedar Crest Kennels  
New York
Two Ponds Goldens  
New York
Emerson's Golden Gems  
Bayside Goldens  
Star Shining Goldens  
Fatherland Golden Retrievers  
Shining Sun Goldens  
Ridgeview Goldens  

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