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Yorkshire TerrierInteresting facts: Often referred to as "Yorkies", Yorkshire Terriers hail from none other than Yorkshire, England. Although at the time it was more than twice the size of today's standard, the breed itself has changed little. It was bred with the intention of keeping the local rodent population in check, and being a terrier, performed its task well.

Size: As an adult, a Yorkshire Terrier's flowing coat may give the impression of a larger dog, but they generally only weigh 5-6 pounds. According to the AKC standard, they must not exceed 7 pounds.

Coat: A Yorkshire Terrier's coat is generally fine and smooth, black or gray (blue) on the body, with tan on the face and chest.

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Temperament: A Yorkshire Terrier is generally keenly aware of its surroundings. A very friendly dog, the Yorkie is always willing to please its family and entertains guests well. As with all breeds there are exceptions to the standard temperament, but in general a Yorkshire Terrier is a laid-back animal with the desire to spend the day in your lap.

Care: The coat of a Yorkshire Terrier is generally high-maintenance when compared with many other breeds. And although it requires regular brushing and washing, it does not shed as one might expect.

Training: The Yorkshire Terrier is intelligent, and can be trained to perform basic commands.

Breeder/Kennel Name - Description Location
Love-A-Lot Kennels  
Cole's Little Yorkies  
Barbara Pet Stores  
Vickie Duncan  
PJ's Playpen Kennels  
Tripple A kennel  
Little Yorkies on the Prairie  
South Dakota
Desert Moon Yorkshire Terriers  
DeJay's Cavaliers  
Puppy Paws  
Decor Kennels  
Sizemores Yorkies  
Frank Sizemore  
Lacarrie Yorkshire Terriers  
Moon Valley Kennel  
Sweet Puppy Kisses  
YorkiePark Yorkies  
rottentot yorkies  
King's Kennel & Krafts  

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